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An unofficial mobile Poppy Playtime

Poppy Horror: Chapter One is a free-to-play adventure created by ABI Global LTD for mobile devices. Although it looks like it, this survival horror game is not the official mobile port of the hit Poppy Playtime on PCs. Still, you’re tasked to solve puzzles while trying your best to avoid the long-limbed Huggy Wuggy waiting in corners and running in hallways.

This makes Poppy Horror: Chapter One one of the closest in terms of gameplay mechanics to the original game. Other entries that feature Huggy Wuggy in some capacity include Huggy Hide ‘N Seek Playtime and Poppy Rope Game.

A surprisingly good copy

While there’s no official Poppy Playtime game yet for mobile devices, Poppy Horror: Chapter One surprisingly fills this gap. Despite the obvious graphics limitations and design differences, this game nails some of the basic elements. You have Huggy Wuggy hunting you, your first-person view shows the two hands of your GrabPack — a gadget that features two extendable arms used for solving puzzles — and the game being set in a toy factory.

Visually speaking, the game even copies the original to some extent. It features a mix of the colorful and the technologically advanced, although this game lacks the limited lighting that adds to the fear and tension from its predecessor. In this app, it feels like all lights are on and you’re free to explore. It creates a relaxing atmosphere, but don’t be fooled as the game is far from easy.

The game is extremely challenging, with some players complaining that Huggy Wuggy moves too fast and can even sneak up on them without noticing. However, this simply requires precise timing and an understanding of the mascot’s movement patterns, which could actually take a couple of tries to perfect. Despite being a seemingly unoriginal game, this one manages to give a scare unexpected from its well-lit environment.

Test your courage and composure

For fans of the original game with Huggy Wuggy, or horror games in general, then Poppy Horror: Chapter One is a good try. Despite its largely unoriginal content, it manages to give a bit of a challenge and a genuine scare that contrasts with its bright and colorful stage designs. Using already-existing features, this app manages to position itself as a worthy mobile port for the hit survival horror game.


  • Nails some features of the original game
  • Huggy Wuggy gives real challenge


  • Lacks depth and contrast in lighting

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